Why trust support believe us?

We've been around a while

We've been doing this since 2014 - we've had time to build a reputation. With over 2,000 positive reviews, we are trusted by thousands of individuals, corporates and insurance companies around SA.

Scammers go hungry

Our business was built out of the frustration of being scammed while selling via a classified site. We'll give you a fair price for your Samsung and pay you by EFT within two working days of us receiving and testing your device.

Part of a bigger group is part of a bigger group, Tech Revival (Pty) Ltd that is one of SA's largest buyers and sellers of used technology. You can even trade your Samsung in against the purchase of another device on

R11 milion paid out to date!

Yes, really - we buy hundreds of Samsung phones and watches, and other tech devices every month. We use custom-built software system to keep track of everything and make sure you get paid.

It's not a gamble

The price we quote is the price you'll get if everything is as you say it is. We don't haggle once we receive your device. It's a bad practice in our industry and we won't do it.

Want to get more money?

Choose from various options to get more money out - you can choose to get paid immediately, or after one or two weeks, and earn a little extra if you are willing to delay your payment.

"Thank you for your assistance. Your shop is the only shop that I will always sell my old devices to. I appreciate your service and your assistance. Big up with the good job!"

What people are saying:

Thank you very much - I received the cash and thank you for your honesty. You guys are the best!
I would just like to thank you for a fantastic service. I will definitely recommend you and would use your company again.
Thank you for your awesome service. Super impressed from start to finish!



We’ve built this business on trust and were the first in South Africa to start buying in devices online.

Here are links to reviews of some of our businesses that have been operating for years: HelloPeter HelloPeter | Facebook | bidorbuy – over 2,000 reviews! HelloPeter | Facebook

No need to go anywhere – we will send a courier to you, wherever you are in South Africa. 

Your Samsung will be safe every step of the way. The couriers take one working day to deliver to us if you are in JHB or PTA. It takes working two days from other major cities, and might take up to five working days if you live on top of a sand dune somewhere in the Kgalagadi. 

To keep things simple, and for safety’s sake, we courier the devices to a secure warehouse that is not open to the public. 

If you really don’t want to courier your Galaxy, and you live in JHB, we can arrange for you to drop your device off at our partner business – Platinum Repairs – in Woodmead. Please contact us beforehand to make arrangements.

We bank with FNB. FNB to FNB payments typically clear immediately.

We make payments every work day, at 4PM.

Payments to other banks may take one to two working days to clear.

You could also use the money we would have paid you right away as credit on, if you wanted to buy another device.

There’s some bad behaviour that goes on in our industry – offers are inflated and then when they receive your device they might tell you “the market price suddenly dropped” or “do you see this tiny scratch? That halves the value of your device”.

Life is too short for that nonsense. We pay you what we offer you on the site – if everything matches up to what you told us. 

We are in this for the long run – if we were to use underhanded techniques, we wouldn’t have any return customers.

Our clients typically sell us one device per year and often trade up on a newer device from